Smores Pops

What you'll need:

Chocolate chips
Graham crackers
Lollipop sticks
An airtight container
A Ziploc freezer bag
1 tsp of Vegetable shortening
Skor bits (optional)

First, put your chocolate chips in an airtight container, then fill the bowl up with hot water (the hottest tap-water will do.) Put the airtight container of chocolate chips in the bowl of hot water to melt.

While you're waiting for the chocolate chips to melt, take your marshmallows and stick them on lollipop sticks. After you've done that, put the graham crackers in a Ziploc freezer bag and crush them into crumb sized pieces. Pour the graham cracker crumbs in a separate bowl.

If the chocolate chips still aren't melted, stir them around and refresh the water. Vegetable shortening is the perfect chocolate thinner, so mix a small amount into the chocolate for a good texture.

After the chocolate has melted, take it out of the water and take off the cap. Take your marshmallow "lollipops" and dip them in the chocolate. Then, roll them in the Graham cracker crumbs. Try rolling them in Skor (caramel) bits for an even sweeter treat!

After you're done, put your finished S'mores pops on a plate covered with a sheet of wax paper.


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